New work from the Fort Berthold Plan

For the last three years, I have been working on contract with Bubar and Hall Consulting, a development and environmental consulting firm based out of Colorado. The focus of our work at the moment is in the development of a long-term and strategic development plan for Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in partnership with the Three Affiliated Tribes, FIGG Engineering, KLJ Engineering, Jacobs Engineering, and others. The Fort Berthold Comprehensive Regional Transportation Plan is the Three Affiliated Tribes' first community-based and leadership-driven effort toward implementing a long-term commitment to make Fort Berthold a safe, prosperous, and culturally rich place to raise a family, have a business, and secure their future. As one of the nine studies, the purpose of the bridge feasibility study is to provide Tribal leadership and Fort Berthold community members with detailed information about the potential social, cultural, environmental, and economic impacts/opportunities of constructing one or two bridge crossings at strategic points across Lake Sakakawea. 

A lot of this work can be seen here.